Things to do this spring/summer with your kids

Last summer, while Chris was in Basic Military Training and technical school, I thought up a lot of ways to keep the boys distracted. Some of these ideas are stuff that my siblings and I did growing up, that I am now doing with my own children. Some, are ideas that are new. If you’re looking for something to do with your kids this spring/summer, look no further!

1. Support your local Farmer’s Market

2. Fly a kite

3. Visit a zoo

4. Play at a splash park

5. Catch lightening bugs, study them in a Mason jar, and set them free

6. Plant flowers or vegetables

7. Go and see a movie in theatre

8. Play in a sprinkler

9. Go on a nature walk and have a scavenger hunt

10. Swim in a lake

11. Have a picnic at a park

12. Go out for ice-cream

13. Roast s’mores on a fire

14. Watch fireworks

15. Play with bubbles

16. Visit a berry patch and pick berries

17. Make art with chalk paint or sidewalk chalk

18. Build a fort

19. Go to a fair

20. Take a road trip

21. Eat popsicles in a bubble bath

22. Visit a farm

23. Read books outside

24. Play in mud

25. Visit a new park or playground

26. Roll down a hill

27. Play “Simon Says”

28. Bake cookies in your pajamas

29. Have a family sleepover in your family room

30. Go to a pond to feed ducks and geese

31. Make homemade play-doh

32. Catch crawdads in a creek

33. Make homemade ice-cream

34. Stay up late to stargaze

35. Visit a children’s museum

36. Go fishing

37. Visit an aquarium

38. Make your own popsicles

39. Have a water ballon fight

40. Perform Random Acts of Kindness

41. Go bowling

42. Play with water guns

43. Draw on a table with shaving cream

44. Go on a family hike

45. Tour a factory

46. Have a family game night

47. Visit your local library

48. Go to a drive-in movie

49. Go to an amusement park

50. Ride bikes

51. Make root beer floats

52. Paint with watercolors

53. Get snow cones

53. Go to a Major League Baseball game

54. Have a BBQ with family and friends

55. Swim in a pool

56. Have a puppet show

57. Go to a parade

58. Have a family fondue night

59. Vacation somewhere new

60. Make homemade instruments

61. Go miniature golfing

62. Play backyard sports games

63. Make homemade pizza

64. Ride on a local train or subway

65. Create an obstacle course

66. Do Zumba together

67. Go for a walk outside

68. Make your owns jam or jelly

69. Wash your cars

70. Roast hot dogs on a fire

71. Make paper airplanes and race them

72. Make a bird-feeder

73. Have a friend night and stay up late

74. Play hide and seek

74. Write letters to family or friends and mail them

75. Build a sandcastle at the beach

76. Make your own slip n’ slide

77. Get your face painted

78. Use dry noodles or cereal to make necklaces and bracelets

79. Visit a historical site

80. Go night swimming

81. Put a large puzzle together

82. Make lemonade

83. Make art with finger paint

84. Watch birds

85. Play hopscotch

89. Let the kids plan and help cook dinner

90. Make tie-dye shirts

91. Go to a flea market

92. Make cookies for a neighbor

93. Have a pillow fight

94. Play dress-up

95. Camp-out in your backyard

96. Play in the rain

97. Have a craft day

98. Visit a museum

99. Have a pizza party with friends

100. Play with glow sticks in the dark

Do you have any traditions that your family does for fun in the warmer months? I’d love it if you could share your ideas in the comments below.